Arnas Family

The Arnas family has a history of 350 years. The family's roots are based on the Botan mir, who ruled the “Botan” region consisting of Şırnak, Siirt, Batman, and Eastern Mardin in southeastern Turkey.

In the 17th century, the son of the Botan mir, Koçek Bey, settled in the Mardin Midyat region where the family lived. The family experienced its most vibrant and powerful era during the times of Temır Bey (ancestor of the surname that comes down to us today as Teymur) and subsequently during Osman Bey.

During his time (19th century), Osman Bey transformed into one of the most prominent lords around Mardin. He ensured security and order in the villages under his rule. He was recognized as the authority in the region by the Ottoman Empire, collected taxes from the villages he ruled over, and maintained order in the area. Osman Bey's influence on the region was not limited to these; during his time, grape farming in Mesopotamia experienced its golden age.

Osman Bey mobilized the villagers and those under his command to renovate all the grape vineyards. He introduced new types of grapes, increasing grape variety, and had numerous wells dug to meet the water needs of the region.

Today, thanks to Osman Bey's efforts, grape vineyards in the region cultivate 25 different types of grapes unique to the Mardin area, such as Mezrone, Kerküş, Zeyti, Zeynebi, Deywani, Dırejık, Bılbızeki, Hasseni, Misabeki, Bakari, Karfok, Teyfi, Künduri, Koxer, and Dafirkelbe.

In addition, unique delicacies like molasses, vinegar, fruit leather, table grapes, and raisins are also produced in the region.

Midyat Assyrian wine, made traditionally from these grapes, has become an indispensable part of wine collections.

Another product cultivated by the family is almonds. The family has made significant contributions to continuing the almond farming that has been present in the region for a long time.

For more than 350 years, the Arnas Family, growing with the power they derive from the soil, is carrying the experience of the past to the present.

Being aware of the importance of soil for humans and humanity, they continue to produce without compromising the principles of their ancestors.

The excitement and joy-filled adventure we experience in delivering Arnas Agro products to our valued consumers continues with the diligence, faith, and honesty bequeathed to us by Osman Bey.